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    Hi I am Juuso from finland. I really respect good food. I think it's because my mother and father always enjoyed making food and even if you don't have too much money to use you can always use some to have a great meal with a people you love Last time before moving I made food for my friends and I started with black salsify (root) soup and when serving, it need some "champagne" on the top and it starts to "bubble" and main food was baby lamp champ with rosemary and garlic and rice and stuff…..but I also really like different fishes and just normal home food so I respect more this "better" food when it's time. 

    ·breakfast…most important thing in a day every morning I make espresso in mocha pot and I drink berocca vitamin tablet with water and eat two sandwiches. I also use to eat yogurt with goji berries and hemp seeds, but I stopped eating sugar about half years ago and also trying to keep milk product as minimum..so no more yogurt
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    Hello Juuso welcome. Glad you joined ChefTalk.