hi- how do i use rice papers?

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i don't want to fry them. i was thinking of stuffing them with cream cheese, lox and taragon leaf.. how should i make them soft?:confused:


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All you need to do is give them a soak in room temp water for a few seconds. They will soften up.
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Ditto to Pete - and make sure you keep them under a damp cloth while you're assembling - they dry out fast.
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Put individual sheet in hot water for a few seconds, shake off. Put on a plate with a little bit hanging over the edge- so you have something to grab onto to roll it up. Put anything you darn well please in it- shrimp, bean sprouts, mint, cooked egg shreds, a little shredded lettuce - and roll it up like a burrito. Eat as is, with dipping sauce, or deep-fry.

Soften rice paper as above, use to cover a piece of seasoned fish. Include a sprig of fresh herb or two and roll it up. Saute in butter and oil until fish is done. Rice paper will be crispy, fish will be moist and succulent. YUM!

Use softened sheet to enclose a fairly thin crab cake. Pan-fry or deep-fat fry. A whole new dimension!


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Rice papers are great for spring rolls. But as others have said keep them moist as they will tear easily. Similar in nature to phyllo dough.
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I make this fun little thing I call rice paper poppers,
I make a filling of chopped dates,sesame seeds, candied orange zest, toasted and chopped pistachios and a little almond paste. I then roll them to look like those little poppers you use on new years eve, Brush them with butter, sprinkle with sugar and roll in more sesame seeds and fry them up. Crispy and chewy!!Yum

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