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I'm a young italian guy currently located in London with a great passion for Foodservice industry, i would like to start my entrepreneurial career in this area and i already have a big idea in mind but i need someone that knows what does it mean to work in the restaurant industry!
So that what I'm looking for a partner/co-founder with experience in this field for developing my idea in the best way and with passion


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Welcome to ChefTalk glad to have you. London looks like an amazing food town with a lot of opportunities.
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Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for the welcoming
Ryan I want to do this cause i truely believe in the idea and food is my passion, I have just started an internship at Obicà(the italian mozzarella bar chain) here in London just to understand the most about restaurants and after week i'm even more convinced of what I want to do in my life. So that's it, I have an idea, I have some competences, I have passion and willing to work hard and harder. I'm currently try to test and validate my product trying to sell it on some homecook delivery platform in order to understand what people of London think about it or in alternative start to buy a Food Truck to validate the market demand

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