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Hi Guys,

I am an entrepreneur with quite a few failed projects behind me and just looking to the next one, but with a real passion for eating and cooking. I am pretty good (all my friends say so ) at rustling up some great curries, chutnies, barbequed stuff and in brief I know my masalas (spices in India) quite well !

I think I can handle any specific queries regarding Indian food (off course a lot of info is available on the net) but if there is just that bit that you cant get info about do write to me.

Now my selfish interest being on this forum is that I wish to start a small business of making and selling dougnuts. I need all the advice I can get on the business especially from operators. I have done a bit of surfing and am impressed by Belshaw equipment. However I wonder if there is someone who can actually show me a small shop where it is all happening before my eyes. Kind of a short  training programme. Does Belshaw have a training programme.?

Any words or efforts to guide me will be most appreciated.
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Welcome, Ranjit! I hope you take some time to explore the site and enjoy the cooking articles, reviews, wikis, photos and mroe. You'll notice that this discussion forum has a number of sub-forums on various topics, among them, Equipment Reviews. I suggest you post a new thread about the equipment you're considering. We have members here from all over the world; it's quite possible that one or more of them has used it.

Good luck with your new venture. We hope you stay with us to participate in the community.


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