Hi from Spain

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Im a Barcelona chef and wanna enjoy this forum cause is fantastic! wanna share recipes  and learn more

U can visiti my website new 2 recipes per day
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Hello chef! How is Spain? I have been thinking a lot about Spain these past few weeks. I wouldnt mind moving there in a few years. Is it hard for U.S citizens to get citizenship or visas over there?
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Hi 2day2eat, and welcome to Chef Talk. We hope you'll take a look around the site and take part in discussions with other chefs from all over the world. I know we've had some discussions of Spanish cuisine. If you use the search tool, you can locate them.

I hope you enjoy the site. Welcome!
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Welcome to Cheftalk! I had to post, I'm planning on doing some "studying" (aka eating until I pop) there after Culinary School. Would love to go to Barcelona! What do you like most about Spain?

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