hi from prague

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    home cook

    im a home cook from prague almost 30yo work on computer study and its around 3:30am

    my story begins when i was a kid and didnt get very good food even tho i could have
    you dont deep fry meats when they are frozen mom hehe
    i didnt gain weight since and have trouble eating and living properly

    but the most weird thing used to be when my mom always asked me how i want my omelette runny or dry and it was still just different every single time
    and of course it wasnt an omelette but scrambled eggs

    french omelette was the first food i learned to cook
    i still make them the same way
    the way you should
    scrambled eggs was the second food i learned to cook

    few years and few gordon ramsay videos later i can cook few foods
    i know few ingredients and understand few techniques
    i own an induction stove electric oven iron pan stainless steel pans and pots and some bakeware

    but still many questions remain that i will ask in an organised way in different topics here on the forums

    here are few things that interest me
    • need a good and very simple cooking and eating routine to get big i just need to eat more fuck
    • italian cuisine seems simple enough to learn
    • differences in all the diets (raw, vegetarian, ketogenic, all-meat, ..., vegan)
    • ordered list of techniques or foods that make us into a good chef (scrambled eggs, debone chicken, ...)
    • answers to very specific (stupid) questions
    • is there some chef/cooking related online chat room?
    • recipes and cooking advices

    ask me anything
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    Hi and welcome to CT! :)

    Ask you anything? Ok. What is the airspeed velocity of the unladen swallow?