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    Hey all--I'm currently at a go-nowhere job and going to culinary school part-time. I've almost finished my degree and I'm interested in starting a catering business to get into the field. I've done a couple events with my sister already, and it seems to be something I'd like to do for now. I have outside help at the moment for ideas and inspiration, and really want to start. Any ideas and words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated. I hope to fully immerse myself in this project and eventually commit full time to it. I look forward to meeting you all, and maybe someday share my experiences and ideas with all of you.

    Happy Fooding!!
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    Welcome to Cheftalk!

    We have all sorts of professionals here, from food photographers to masterchefs! I'm sure if you post any questions you might have in the relevant forum, you'll get lots of help.

    The articles and photographs on the site are well worth a look. Lots of inspiration to be gleaned from doing just that.