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    My name is Angelina.  Most people just call me Ang or Angela.  I may sign at the bottom as Angelina, Ang or Angela, depending on my mood.  I stumbled across this site while looking for "authentic" Mexican Pico De Gallo/salsa recipes for canning.  I've made salsa and Pico De Gallo several times but this year I have enough tomatoes for canning.  I've already canned 6 bushels of tomatoes for Tomato sauce (traditionally done every year in my family...typical Sicillian).

    I'm a self taught cook and cake decorator.  I LOVE food, but am now on a nutrition kick (to shed nearly 100 pounds, and I'm a little more than a quarter of the way there).  As soon as I figure out this site, I will post some of my cake decorating but I'm mostly looking for good healthy food!  :)

    Thanks for this site, and sorry it has taken me this long to "stumble" upon it.


    (never Angie)
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    Hi Ang. Good job on the weight loss! I think you will find a lot to interest you here, as I suspect you already know, and I'm glad you stumbled in this direction.If you need help figuring out the site, here's a link to use:

    [email protected]

    Sounds like you can share a lot too!
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