Hi from México!

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Hi guys...

I'm a chef/co-owner that has been all his life  out of the cyber-chef community, and despite being a member for years on forums on every other hobby that I have, this is my first time in one that involves my profession.

I'm from Guadalajara, México and I co-own a restarant named "Talento", it's been a favourite in the city among the foodies that like a relaxed/sophisticated atmosphere and not so pretentious food and a very fresh martini, originally it was a Thai restaurant but since I have many conservative customers, I serve thick steaks grilled on charcoals, some classics like the Caesar's salad and french steak au poivre, it became somehow a "Fusion" restaurant, but not because I wanted to become a rennaisance chef, but because I had to adjust my dishes to the taste of the locals (I have a payroll to pay, and that forces me sometimes to cook like someone that wants to please the customers and get them back instead of sticking to my ideas despite the likes or dislikes of the clientelle)/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

I'm getting into the forum for learning from everybody, and I'll do my best to contribute with my humble experiences if possible, as you can see my English is not the best but I'll try hard to comunicate properly.

Best regards.



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Welcome Luis we are glad to have you. It will be great to have a chef in the community with so much experience in Mexican cuisine. Looking forward to learning from you.
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Thanks a lot for your warm welcome! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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Thanks guys!!

I'm overwhelmed in this place, I have almost 20 years as a professional in the kitchen and I'm amazed on how much I'm learning from you all! I'm now in the "Try to read it all before asking a question that has been asked a thousand times" and there is a whole universe of things to learn. I'm now focusing on the knives, that have always been my favourite tool in the kitchen and I see that I'm in diapers. So much technical stuff and so interesting... And besides... Cool people welcoming the newbie!.

Thanks a lot!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/peace.gif
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Hi Luis and Welcome,

It's nice to see someone here from Mexico, maybe you can add some of your spice to the pot.  Nothing wrong with your english, don't stress about it. 

Look forward to you sharing your experience of many years here, and hope we can broaden your horizons perhaps (if they need broadening!).  Jump on in and enjoy/

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