Hi from Las Vegas!

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I've found several tips from reading other's answers to questions on here. So, I finally made account in case I ran into any trouble in the kitchen; I could ask for advice then.
I'm not even half way yet, but I'm working towards an Applied Science Degree of Pastry Arts. So, my skill level is still beginner. All the experience I have is from my kitchen at home. I make special occasion cakes for co-worker and every time I make one, I learn something new.
I'll be on whenever I need help with cooking. Though, I hope to be the one answering the questions one day. :)
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Hi Arole and welcome to Chef Talk. Good luck with your studies- both formal and the life experience kind. I think that being a member and a regular participant here can augment your learning.

Have a good look around and dive in. We'll look forward to seeing you.

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