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    Hi, I am originally from NZ, have my home in Guatemala, and spend 10 months of the year in Saudi Arabia teaching English. I would like to open my own eatery in Guatemala in the next few years, so am trying to build up some skills and tools at the moment. I have always enjoyed cooking and eating, but since I reached 50 I try to do a bit more cooking and not so much eating. The wife likes it like that, and even my kids don't complain too much about my adventures in the kitchen. We don't have pork or alcohol to cook with here, so I enjoy trying some of the dishes I see on TV during the summer break. I can usually find anything else I want here, but the vegetables and fruit are not always the freshest. At least back in Guatemala the vegetables positively shine. I have enjoyed reading the cooking school forums here so far, as I would like to do a bit of training to hopefully kick me up a notch or two, as no chance of being able to afford time working in a real kitchen.

    All the best

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    Aloha partner!  Welcome to Chef Talk.

    You, my friend, are in great company.  The folks here at CT share in your love of ALL things food.  Whatever your current pursuit, you’ll find plenty of like minded folk.

    Chef Talk has been around for more than 13 years and has 50,000 + members from around the globe.  Everybody from CCI to people who think they can’t boil water.  A note, folks not employed in the food industries are asked to read only in the Pro forums, but they are very interesting.  The search bar is very useful in finding topics that have been around the world three times over.

    I hope to see some over your successes as well as flops in the Galleries soon.