Hi from Japan! + Question about Ireland, Denmark, France and Germany

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Hi Everyone. I'm Riha and I'm now seriously considering to be a pastry chef or bakery.

I've worked as a kitchen hand in 3 countries however I've not been educated as a pastry chef and bakery.

I asked chefs who I worked with about schools and they advised me "You can also try to work as a trainee chef and learn in there."

Here is my consider.

I'd like to work/live in except Japan in future, hopefully Europe or Australia, because I love the life style and way of thinking about work.

That means I need work permit or residency. I can get working holiday visa to stay in some countries but there is a time limit.

I've met a chef who jumped into work place and learned in there but she is a local of the place...

So this is my question.

Is it possible to get a job as a trainee pastry chef or bakery in Ireland, Denmark, France or Germany?

*I haven't got any certificate or degree of pastry/baking course.

*I can speak English and little bit Danish but I can't talk in French and German.

*There is a time limit to work in the countries because of visa I can get.

I've mentioned the 4 countries because I can get working holiday visa for first year to work.

If you know any places/countries that there is possibility, could you tell me that also?
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