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    Hi from England.

    I am wheat, gluten and dairy intolerant along with an egg issue so baking is challenging to say the least, but I do my best.  I have managed to convert a few recipes successfully which even my family can't differentiate between the 'real' thing and the 'Free From' variety.

    I am hoping this forum will help me with the recipes I'm struggling with, so prepare to have your brains picked/img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

    I love baking but am not so fond of cooking, so my hubby does the cooking and leaves me with the baking.  He loves my coconut rock cakes, I enjoy making free from cup cakes and decorating them in a variety of ways, none of which would be considered professional I'm afraid /img/vbsmilies/smilies/redface.gif

    I did however manage to raise over £200 for comic relief with my cupcakes last year so they can't be all that bad eh!

    I will shortly be asking questions in the relevant formum regarding free from millionaires slices if you please...
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    Hi cupcake, It's great that you're turning your intolerance into a more positive direction and well done with the comic relief  input.

    What kind of flours are you using? I'm looking forward to reading how you've  managed to do away with dairy, gluten and overcome the egg issue too. Do you have pics of your cakes? I would love a gluten free, recipe that really rocked my cake-world. 

    Welcome to Chef Talk btw You'll like i here

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    Hello there

    I also have the same intolerances as you.  My friends call me the cupcake girl haha!  

    I do a lot of gluten free and vegan cooking/baking and most people cant tell the difference.

    ive been going through culinary school since april & am converting all the recipes i can to suit my dietary restrictions.  i get hassled all the time for all of my food sensitivities by my classmates (also have problems with beef, pork, oranges, carrots, peanuts, etc)

    hoping one day to be able to start a gluten free bakery in my city as there are so many people around now who are celiac or gluten intolerant and not a lot of places near my city to purchase from.  really sucks going out and not having many options though i am sure you know what i mean /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif