Hi from a newbie in the kitchen...

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My name is Charlie.  I just got married last month and my wife is 1. a very good cook. 2. a vegetarian.

I have to take up some of the cooking duties for the house.  She does not consider  microwaved salmon with ketchup a gourmet meal. (Yes I have been single for a long time.)

I need am interested in learning lots of new recipes and techniques for the kitchen.
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Hello Charlie, and welcome to Chef Talk. Congratulations on your marriage! Ah, the adventure begins..... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

If you're interested in learning new recipes and techniques, you're in the right place. As a home cook, you'll find the members are helpful to you in spite of your budding culinary skills. I'm a home cook too, and have learned a lot here in 10 years!

However, if you don't have 10 years to dedicate to Chef Talk (although I highly recommend it), I advise you to use the search tool. With it, you can locate discussions on various recipes (say, "how do I cook asparagus?" or "what the heck can I do to make tofu tasty?"). You can also find discussions on equipment and techniques ("I'd like to use a slow cooker to make my life easier. How do I use it to best advantage?" or "Do I have to buy an expensive steamer to make my salmon steaks come out well?"). You'll get answers from others in Maryland, but also from Oregon, Taiwan, Australia and Peru! Some will be chefs with seasoned experience; others will be home cooks (as I am) or one skill level above you.

The wikis, articles, photo gallery, equipment reviews and more will be helpful as well.

Say, have you tried those plastic bags for microwave cooking? I love them. The veggies come out tasting much better for some reason. I haven't tried them with salmon, etc., but I bet they'd work.

Happy hunting!

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Hey Charlie- when I first went vegan- the internet helped a lot as for finding recipes!  I would google "vegan shepherds pie" or "vegan garden burgers" "vegan cupcakes"  etc... and found recipes and went from there.  Some are trial and error and you'll find some tastes better than others.. it took me a long time to get into tofu.. once I learned different ways to cook it- I love it!  My favorite is what I call a "golden tofu", basically tofu cut into strips, dip into a vegannaise soy sauce type mix with other spices/herbs, then rolled in panko bread crumbs, fry or bake- delicious!  Great with vegan "hunny mustard" too!  Also tofu scramble mixed with rosemary potatoes and soyrizo- yummers!  

Your wife is vegetarian, not vegan right?  So that makes things A LOT easier lol!  

Good luck Charlie- I hope you discover new recipes that really impress your wife!
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Charlie, nothing wrong with a great vege meal. You'll learn how to cook great food.
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