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    Hi my name is Chris and I am a personal chef and returning culinary student currently residing in Sacramento, CA.  I live and breathe food as I'm sure most of you on this forum do, and I am looking forward to having some great discussions, sharing photos, and learning as much as I can from my fellow chefs/cooks.  I also saw that there are monthly challenges up here and I'm looking forward to participating in those as well.
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    Welcome Chris! It sounds like you've been looking around the site. I'm glad you're interested in the monthly challenges; those can be awesome and lots of fun. It's amazing what people come up with.

    We'll look forward to your participation in the forums, your photo gallery and perhaps in time, some submissions for cooking articles. Nearly all of those are written by Chef Talk members. As outstanding as all those features are, the wealth of this community is in its members. We hail from all over the world, are all ages, have every level of skill (or lack it entirely!), but share a love of food and cooking as you do.

    I'm a home cook myself and have learned a great deal from being part of this community for most of its existence. I've had the great pleasure of meeting Nicko, Jim, Cape Chef, Kuan and other CT members in person, even eating their food. I was honored to have their respect as a home cook for what I know as well, which is an important thing about Chef Talk that's absent elsewhere. Everyone learns from everyone else, regardless of status. After all, if you didn't learn to make Filipino lumpia in culinary school, who better to learn from than a Filipino home cook? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif

    Visit often to share, learn and have fun. We look forward to your presence here. Good luck in your professional and educational endeavors.