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    Hi everyone! I came across this website and I found this little, nice community that I am so excited and interested in being part of. I'm not a chef, I wish I were, but I'm not. Instead, I'm a doctor in communications. Back in my student days, I moved to Barcelona, Spain, to study a masters in communications, and I ended up going all the way through until I completed my doctorate studies. I spent 10 years of my life around Spanish food and culture. Being a student coming fresh out of college, you would think that "cooking" wasn't that unfamiliar to me, but it was. I had a wonderful mom who would cook for me the most tasty meals everyday, and from whom I learned to love food, but not how to cook it really. 

    Moving into Spain was probably the best choice I could possibly have made to learn (force me, really) how to cook. At the beginning I struggled around the kitchen, and tried to do all my meals at the school cafeteria, but eventually my homework increased and so did my time at my flat and I found myself spending more time in my place than at school. That's when I started experimenting with food. I watched Chef Karlos Arguiñano's TV show EVERY MORNING. At the end of the show I'd have a grocery list and an idea how to cook the dish. Eventually I was able to "separate" myself from the chef's directions, understand (at least a little) how to combine flavors, how to use spices, create textures, combine proteins and vegetables and such. Besides, living in Spain, I was surrounded of good food and friendly people, so it was not difficult for me to ask the owner of a tapas bar how he made a sauce or cooked a dish, and I'd take notes. Soon I was inviting my fellow students to my meals, and they turned into long soirees where good wine and acceptable food flowed all night long. I have never learned techniques that you would learn in a culinary school and I am as far of being a chef as you can imagine, but I am a home cook, I love to cook and I enjoy it! I'm hoping to learn from all of you the art of cooking. Who knows, I may end up leaving my career and switch into a culinary adventure. Buen provecho!
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    Welcome to Chef Talk! I'm a home cook too and know the virtues of this community for cooks like us. (Incidentally, there are tens of thousands of members at Chef Talk, but we still feel "small", which I suppose is a good thing. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smiles.gif  )  Your path to cooking sounds like a revelation, step-by-step discovery to train your palate and open your mind to new flavors and ways of eating and cooking. It's not that different a path from my own, and from many other home cooks here. 

    Our discussion forums are excellent and wide-ranging. Please be aware, however, that while the Professional forums are available to your for reading, we home cooks mustn't post there. We do all our posting in the General forums. The professionals post there too, and so our questions are answered by knowledgeable professional and non-pro members. Since our community includes people of all ages, from all areas of the world and all levels of expertise, that's a very good thing indeed!

    Besides the discussion forums we recommend you also explore the cooking articles, photo galleries, equipment and cookbook reviews and so much more. Since the members are one of the great assets of this site, we hope you'll contribute your experience and discoveries to the mix as well.