Hi everyone.

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Hello everyone, 1st post on here.

I've been working in the catering industry since i was 16 starting out as a KP, fast-forward 11 years i'm now 2nd chef at a Hotel in Aberdeen and enjoying the challenges it brings. I've worked mainly in Hotels but also worked for an oil company's Headquarters here in Aberdeen.

One of my other passions is fly fishing, nearly every week i bring fresh caught trout in to cook. I enjoy coming up with new ideas for my fish.
Joined May 30, 2011
hey #2 here in florida we play with numerous fish preperations, one classic trout recipe is : 1 butterflied trout,salt and pepper, unsalted butter, sliced lemons and thyme sprig. lay out 12''x12'' aluminum foil sheet and drizzle olive oil in the center of foil, lay the butterflied trout flesh side up and season with s&p lay lemon slices next a couple pats of butter then 1 sprig of thyme. fold the foil llike a package seal corners. bake in a preheated oven at 350 deg. about 15 min.ENJOY!!
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Thank you for the introduction, Number2. Joining here paid a dividend quickly, I see! We have a strong contingent of Scots here at Chef Talk; in fact, our Welcome Forum moderator, Ishbel, is a Scot. She's currently away visiting family. Our members hail from all over the world, so your perspective on culinary matters just expanded quite a bit!

We have many who enjoy fishing and other outdoor pursuits, and who enjoy cooking their quarry. In fact, our forum, The Camp Cook, is dedicated to such cookery. The search tool will help you explore earlier posts in that forum or any forum. Don't miss the other aspects of Chef Talk: cooking articles, photo gallery, wikis and reviews of cookbooks and more.

We hope you enjoy Chef Talk and enjoy being part of this community.



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