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I'm from Bulgaria and work like a cook. Sorry but my english is not very good. This are one of mine desserts, i'll like to hear your opinions for them! The day was very hot, and it was very difficult to work with chocolate. And it was my firs dessert :)
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Hello Dani Deni, and welcome to Chef Talk. We have members from all over the world- perhaps several from Bulgaria, too. Don't worry about your English! It is a second (or third or fourth) language for many of our members. Your desserts and chocolate work are beautiful! You will want to visit the Professional Pastry Chefs' forum to learn more and to share what you know. You can search older threads (discussions) by using the Search tool. Chef Talk has been here for over 10 years, so there is a lot to read and photos to see as well.

It so happens I once had several students whose families had moved to America from Bulgaria. Their parents worked very hard to learn English and find jobs. The students also worked very hard to learn enough English to be successful in school. The two older students finished high school (gymnasium?) with honors, and are going to a university in the fall. While I was helping them to learn English, I learned a bit about Bulgarian food and culture.

We hope you enjoy being part of Chef Talk, and that you visit often.


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