hi everyone im new in here

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hi...im from sunny Southern Calif :) I work in a japanese restaurant and I make sushi and also the kitchen/cooked menu.
I enjoy eating different foods from different culture. Please let me know if i can help you with anything peace...denny
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Welcome, Denny!! You'll find all sorts of information and questions here -- feel free to jump in with your contribution anytime.

Wow, SUSHI!!! Did you learn to make here, or did you have to go through a whole long process in Japan? I'd love to hear how you got there. :)
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Welcome Denny!

Sushi eh! That's pretty cool!

I heard it takes 7 years in the making of a sushi chef. True?
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Please let me add my greetings, Denny! What kinds of sushi do you serve in your restaurant? I know so little, but just enough to ask if it's classical or more progressive style.
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Welcome, Denny,

I don't believe we've met any sushi chefs on the board yet.

I hope you enjoy it here.
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thank you all for welcoming me on board...
Im sure I will find alot of useful information from here.
about my job, I make both traditional and western influence sushi.
Please let me know if you need some tips about sushi or japanese cuisine in general I d be happy to help.
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Welcome from another Japanophile! I learned sushi-making from my Aikido instructor, who had a restaurant in SC. Love it!

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