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Hi, i work in bulgaria like a cook. Before one week a bought one frey nice book, and try every day do make some dessert of the book. But i never been make a desert before. This is one of mine tree dessert who i maked.Please give me some advice and i'll be very happy to help me with someting. Sorry for the speling but my english is not very cood.
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Don't worry about writing, I have not been able to master the English language either, I went to French school and had English classes. Everyone here at CT has been so gracious in putting up with my grammar and the help they have given has been wonderful. So do not hesitate to post if you have questions.

If this is your first attempt at desserts then I having a feeling your going to go far ........the first dessert is a sculpted chocolate cup and saucer, may I ask what is in it ? I think the name of each dessert is posting in that book of desserts you have. Yes ?

Your second dessert looks very much like the one I make at work. Your dessert look terrific by the way.

The third desserts looks interesting......would you be able to tell me more about that one ?

Thank you for posting....look forward to hearing more. For a first attempt, I think you did great.
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Thanks for your opinion Petalsandcoco. The first dessert (chocolate cup) i saw it for the first time in the www.youtube.com and like it very much. Then i decided try to make it. The first attempt was ..... what  was the word just UGLY. This is the second try.it is no perfect but it is better from the first :)

I fill it with mousse of cream,strawberry and mentha. I think that this combination is perfect for the summer.

The second desert is from the book. It name is Almond Waffles with Strawberries.

The last dessert is my pride for the moment :) it is also from the book. It name is Coconut and Chocolate dessert with curry. The cylinder fill with coconut cream, the mousse make it with cream,yolks,sugar and curry. I think that it will be not very delicious, but this is one wonderful combination. This one who like of coral... actually i burn out the caramel first time for banana and when i pour a water in the pan the result was this and i like it and put it in the plate :) Soon i will try to make some new dessert and show you the pics of them.

At last i have one question what must been the temperature of the room when i work with chocolate,or it is no mater?
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The temperature of your room is important.

Temperature should be between 20-22 C ( 68-70 F) Always check the temperature before and while your work.

I have a site here to help you a bit with your chocolate. There are many here who make chocolate as well. If you go to the search bar and type in chocolate and tempering, you will find so much info to help you as well, also on blooming.

I must say that I like the flavors your using.......I would not be shy to experiment . (infusing chocolate with orange extract and different flavors) I am not a Chocolatier, but I do make them from time to time and use chocolate in many of my desserts at work. Like everything in life, we learn by trial and error and with experimenting. With time you will perfect your skills.

Here is a site for tips, one of so many : (but please use the search bar at the top of the page )


Look forward to more desserts....

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