hi everyone from Brazil!

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hi chefs

I'm a italian Patissiere, actually I'm settled in Brazil in Sao Paulo City, I start my first international experience two years ago, my story is very atypical, I finish my pastry studies, and I start my experience directly in a foreign country, I was lonely without a master, who can teach me or help me, but with my willstrenght I manage a little laboratory, i make a lot of mistake/error. After awhen my language skill was better I supervise a little team of 5 pastry assistant, acting like a sous pastry chef.

Now I would to improve my English language, in march I plan to move in Australia so I'll importunate some Aussie guy with my question! 

As you can see my level of english is very low, I apologise first!




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Welcome Davide we are glad to have you. Your English isn't so bad and you are welcome to practice on us all you want. Would love to see some of your pastry work so please post photos of your work in our photo gallery.
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