Hi Everyone and in need for a bit of advice.

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I have always loved to cook,and am so glad to have found ChefTalk Cooking Forums.  I have recently been asked to provide some occasional cooking that I would do in my home for some friends and neighbors. I am trying to figure how to charge for my service. Would there be a formula that someone would like to share that I could use. It would be to charge per serving I am thinking ? I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed. Thank you so much.


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Welcome to ChefTalk. I see you posted your question in another forum and we have featured it on the homepage so hopefully you will get some answers and help soon. Let us know if you have any questions.
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Thank you Nicko,

I got responses and it was very helpful. I guess I am a bit confused where to post my questions. I have another similar question and am not sure again where to post. 

Thank yo so much for your help and time.


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