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I'm from Portugal and I really love to cook. I used to cook for me, my father and my sister, but for now, is just for me and my boyfriend (who I must say is my Biggest fan :blush:). Next Friday is Halloween as all of you must know, and I want to bring some treat for my sister in law dinner. In Portugal it's not really a tradition, but we all love the theme and usually get our costumes and have a nice dinner together. Well, anyway, I was looking for a Pecan Pie recipe, found it, and hopefully it will get delicious :).
See you soon.
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Hello Allaryia and welcome to Chef Talk. I'd heard that Halloween is becoming a time for fun all over the world. The pecan pie sounds delicious! It's one of my favorites but because it's so sweet, it's a special treat only.

What dishes do you enjoy cooking? Are there ingredients you especially like to use?

I hope you'll share some of your cooking adventures with us, as well as dropping by to discover some new ideas as well.

Enjoy the site!

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