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Most of the adaptations i see here in the west use the oven. I don't know that that applies so well to your situation there in India..

I've not made one at home that I'd repeat yet. So I'm of no help.
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phatch phatch implies a crucial question: what kind of equipment do you have to use for this? I'm most definitely not the guy to ask how to make biriyani, but I do know that the equipment makes a lot of difference, so let's get started with that and wait for someone who knows what they're talking about to come along and help.

When you reply, can I suggest that you start a new thread with a title like "advice on making biriyani"? You're much more likely to get responses from people who know.


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There are so many steps.

1) Make the "curry."
2) Soak the rice.
2a) Make the boiling water for the rice.
2b) Boil the rice
3) Combine curry and rice, with a lot of fresh aromatics, and steam on stovetop until rice is done.

In short, that is how you do it. But doing the first step takes a lot of work aleady.
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