Hi Chefs!

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Hi Chefs,

I joined the forum because I am a small sheep farmer. I am starting to produce Icelandic lamb (free range, organic, etc.). I would request your help in ideas in how to best reach the chefs in the area. i live relatively close to Seattle (about 500 miles). I would like to sell my lamb to people who can actually appreciate this type of gourmet product. I do take a lot of time and care to raise my sheep, and where I live is beef country! So, if you can help me with ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks and thanks again for all the delicious work your hands and palates create. YOU make our world tasty and enjoyable.

Erika from Idaho
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Hi Erika,

Welcome to CT!

I try to stop by to greet new folks every so often in this section, not everyone does...

Now you might want to post your question in the Pro Chef or food & cooking section. With a title of "Idaho Lamb rancher" or "Lamb in the NW corner of USA" or "Love Lamb?"

Something that might catch someones eye that actually lives/works/cooks near you.

Next best is to do a search for Greek and Middle eastern restaurants or farm to table - tail to snout operations.

Good Luck!
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