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hi, my name is Qing and I am new to this forum and I completed my cooking course, so far I work in finland for 4 months and will go back to Australia at the end of may. Nice to see all of you.

I just have quick question, does anybody work in UK area?? I want some information to about how does it work in UK, as I plan to apply visa to work in UK. also does anyone know where I am able to apply?

thankyou very much
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G'day!  Welcome to Cheftalk.

Not all of the members here are chefs, I'm not - just an enthusiastic amateur - but I DO live in the UK.

If you are an Australian, you should find it relatively easy to get a working visa IF we are looking for chefs in our migrant workers.  You should check on the Borders Agency part of the Home Office site  - which has all the info regarding work permits/visas for the UK.        the Borders Agency part of the Home Office sitehttp://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/

If you are not an Australian, and not a national of either a commonwealth or a European nation - then it would be more difficult to get a visa.

I would also urge caution regarding use of many of the websites which promise you a visa.....   particularly those emanating from countries from where we take few nationals, but who promise students the earth!  (I know, from the experience of some of my overseas students who used agents and were sold a 'pup')
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