Hi chefs! new member here, with a question.

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This is my 1st time posting anything, ive red afew articles and love to see all the knowleadge that comes out of this site, also love how being a chef i can relate with so much that gets talked about here its great.

I have a question for the more expericed chefs out there.
In anyones time as a sou chef have you ever been in the situation where you are doing the head chefs job so much so that he is not doing his?
I understand that a sou chef should be able to do a head chefs job, but what im getting at is, as a sou chef have you ever written a menu and ran with it with almost no help from the head chef?

To the point of writing the menu and costing it then running it. As a head chef not having any involment or knowleadge of "HIS' kitchens menu would this be normal? If you're head chef wouldnt you want to be fully taking control and know everything about your kitchens menu? Is he a fake?

 your feed back would be much appecitated, thank you.
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Hahaha, I would take that as a compliment personally and I would take all that experience and I would make the most of it. Everything that happens to you can be looked at in many different ways. With this you can feel over worked or under paid by this, OR you can absorb everything and learn from it(You should be used to that by now I would think hahaha). Hell, if you screw up it is not your name that will get put on it professionally.

Accept this as a blessing, an make the most of it while you have the chance would be my advise, though I am not a chef.
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a lot of times it is just politics, were i work i am in charge of the whole kitchen with the help of two sous chefs and of staff of 14. they call me the chef de cuisine, call me what ever you want but just pay me.the so called ex.chef dose not every even put on a chef jacket except when i am not there and even then my two sous chefs can handle it,the general manager of the please is useing him as a buffer between us because he knows that i will be hard to convince to see things his way
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This is an excellent opportunity for you to "show em what ya got." You could take this as the Chef being lazy or burnt out or any number of other things. My advise to you is to take the reins and run. Remember one very important thing as well.....when YOU screw up, it will be on your Chef's shoulders so whatever you do be sure you CYA all the way......
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Sounds somewhat typical. At my last job the executive chef spent as much time golfing and coming in to take food from the walk-in on his days off as he did actually cooking. He loved giving lectures (my favorite was 1:15 of his precious time because somebody didn't like white chocolate chips), walked around a lot, spent hours on YouTube and acted like a big shot. I wasn't impressed. Especially when he'd talk about conserving money from one side of his mouth while maintaining a 40% food cost. Which was acceptable at a country club. And good luck with that raise. Don't get me wrong, I've worked for some great chefs. But there are some crappy ones out there, too. Just take the ball and run with it - use the opportunity to do as much as you can.
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Hey azchef. Eato here and Ive been an exec. chef for 18 years-this guy is lazy! I he a partner in the business?
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