Hi! Chefs, I am new here.

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 I am a baker, but I care for my mom who has alz.  She has a problem chewing, but does love ice cream (and who doesn't?).  I had a thought, could I make savor ice cream?  I mean really savory, chicken, beef, etc.   If I make roasted chicken,  puree/grind the meat with some gravy(?) and proceed as though it were an anglaise base?  I am trying to think of ways I can make meat that she can eat it other than just puree and a mush meal. She can chew a little, but a steak will not go down unless I put it through the food grinder, and then she doesn't do all that well unless I have it in something (sauce, chicken/applesauce, etc) so I thought about making ice cream!

Has anybody tried this???  Formula suggestion??

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Welcome! I respect bakers. I've worked in a few bakeries and will only agree to do the hours when i'm so broke I can't buy groceries. 

As for savory ice cream, I've definitely have heard worse ideas. Some reason though when I read this I though about fish in and aspic though. Fish is pretty tender and you can put all sorts of things into aspic.

I found another thread on our sight that does discuss this a bit 


and one about parmesan ice cream. http://www.cheftalk.com/forum/thread/21627/parmesan-ice-cream

Here is a book I believe to have a few savory recipes in it.  So far we're leaning closer to sorbet and gelatos than ice cream. Also finding little to no meat recipes.  Some vegetable and meat combinations may require a blast chillder, especially if when alcohol is involved.


And here's a few other websites I found with recipes and i'll update as I find them.

A few very frenchy sounding vegetable combos. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5753146

Vegan http://www.tootimidandsqueamish.com/2011/06/raw-vegan-savory-ice-cream-sandwiches/

garlic ice cream http://gildedfork.com/savory-garlic-ice-cream/

Some reason searching for "meat ice cream" brought up a lot of things about horse meat.  
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   Welcome to ChefTalk.  I haven't visited any of the links that pcieluck posted so excuse me if I repeat something.

I'm curious if you are going for flavor or nutrition?  Lots of vegetables lend themselves very well to icecream.

If you're looking for protien, I have to believe we could come up with a pudding or icecream made with quinoa.

I imagine we could concoct a tasty bean icecream.  Roots would be another option. This is something that the people

here will help you with. I'm happy for your Mom that  she has you to help her.

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I admire your quest to find food that your mom will enjoy. I was very touched by your story. Good luck to you!

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I had a coworker who's beloved was in a car accident and broke her jaw. He asked me what kind of meat purees well... I felt bad for his girl and didn't want to laugh but, ultimately vegetables are kind of the best choice. If you're thinking meat simply because of a nutrition standpoint, there are definitely vegetables very high in protein. Like an avocado, for example. easily rendered smooth to be made into say...ice cream. I think I did link an avocado ice cream. Potato ice cream sounds pretty simple. dare i say free mashed potatoes?
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