Hi, anyone here going to school for baking and pastry arts?

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  1. ashleynicole


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    okay so my name is Ashley
    I will start school in June
    and I know I will meet people in June in my classes
    but I was wondering if anyone would like to chat
    here is my plan
    go to sullivan (which is where I start in June)
    after school find some good chefs (even if they arent well known) to work under
    travel to other countries to learn about their pastry arts (which I will want to find a chef to work under)
    when I get all that
    I would like to work at a resort
    and of course through out my life time I will try to learn more and more about pastry arts
    after all it changes over time
    would anyone who is interested like to talk?
  2. futurechef85


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    Hi, I'm going to school for baking/pastry starting in August in Charleston, SC. I cannot wait to begin. I don't have a solid plan for when I graduate. I just know that I want to work under a highly skilled/talented pastry chef for a few years and soak up all the knowledge I can and work on my craft. I know it will not be easy and it will be hard work, but at least I will be learning and enjoying what I'm doing. I also want to eventually have my own bakery/cafe.  A chef friend of mine told me that after school I would probably end up working at a hotel and it would be tedious work, but that I would learn a lot. You are going to Sullivan in Kentucky? I did look at their program a long time ago.