Hi! and want identification of recipe picture

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Hi My name is Charlie and I'm female.
I have been receiving the Chef talk recipe for a long time but don't think I have posted before.
I'm a housewidow, who just became an empty nester, although the grandchildren are here a lot so it doesn't get too lonely.
I'm in my fifties and from Atlantic Canada.

I love to cook and bake. I must be a decent cook because there are never any leftovers at potlucks and such and I'm always asked for recipes.

I'm an avid recipe saver, and try each recipe. If I like it I keep it, if not I chuck it. If it is halfway decent I start tweaking.

The first time I make a recipe I always go step by step in the ingredients. After that I admit that to about 95% of the recipes I start to play with.

I just finished reading the article

"The Art of Buying Local: An Evening with the Farmer and the Chef"

The very last picture is not identified. It looks so delicious and like something I would like to make and try.

Could anyone tell me what it is and perhaps supply a recipe?

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Hi Charlie,


Not exactly sure but it looks like a pan seared sea scallop perched on top of a bit of pesto and a slice of tomato. I'm sure theres more to it.
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Thanks that clears it up a bit.
Hope some posts a recipe.
I'll do a search with the info you gave.
Let you know what I found
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Welcome aboard, Charlie.
Brad said it right! I was at the event and what he described is spot on! Incidentally, the dish was produced by "Pizza by Elizabeths" in Greenville, Delaware.
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Thanks so much.
Went looking on the net for a recipe, couldn't find one.
I'll just have to wing it. Shouldn't be difficult.
Thanks again.

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