Hi all!

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Hey there!  I'm Joni, from Louisville KY. Mom of two and girlfriend of one.

I'm an accomplished home cook, bake only when necessary, and a total food nerd. I've been seeking a forum where folks can have intelligent conversations about food and cooking and was thrilled to find this site!

Aside from cooking, one of my favorite activities is to peruse Half Priced Books for gems on food writing and cookbooks. When I'm not thinking about food, I love to hike and just be outside in general.

I look forward to learning from/with you!




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Welcome @jonijan  glad you joined up with us. Isn't looking through old bookstores (thing of the past these days) and estate sales for rare cookbooks enjoyable? Especially when you find an old 70's copy of  [product="23454"]Larousse Gastronomique​[/product]  ? Be sure to join in on our monthly cooking challenges this month is peppers
[thread="88209"]January 2016 Challenge Peppers  [/thread]
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Greetings, Joni. Apologies for the welcoming delay, many
posts lately, easy to miss some. :(
Hope you stay and post a while, welcome to CT.
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