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Hello from Northern California.  I am originally from Washington state and now live here with my family where I am a stay at home Dad.  With our two kids now in high school and college I am not sure what the future may bring.  I have been cooking seriously for about 5 years and my friends and family are happy with the effort.  I love to cook for others and enjoy the creativity of the process, exploring new ingredients and techniques, and of course consuming the finished product, which if I'm not careful to do in moderation, I have found I can have some predictably unhappy results ...
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so ? you wanna work the line ? its going to be a shock to the system. get fit, get knowledge, get a beat down.

its a great life if your a high energy imaginative player that can cope with drama ever ten minutes. let me know how it goes ! (hope you don't cry too much)
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lol if anything could get me into a professional setting it would be a job offer in Australia.  


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Welcome Hank glad to have you. Are you considering heading into the professional kitchen or just sticking at home? Many discussions here about that transition.

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