Hi All!

Joined Oct 10, 2002
Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself.
Why Casper??? Well, Halloween is almost here - and I LOVE Halloween!
Also appreciate all the input into this forum; I've learned a lot from all of you.

I am about to make a major career change. I have been accepted into the CIA-Greystone 30-week Baking & Pastry Program - and I'm pretty darned excited about it!

Would welcome any comments/suggestions from anyone who has been through this course.

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Hi Casper, and welcome to Chef Talk. Thanks for introducing yourself.

Hop down the page to the pastry forums and gobble up some great ideas from some inspired and experienced chefs and cooks! And be sure to use the search function to find some very interesting discussions.
Joined Oct 10, 2002
The Spousal Unit and I have been in Japan for 4 years (with one more to go)! I'll attend the course while he's still in Japan, then return to Japan next fall - just in time to officially return to the US.

This is a great forum! I've been researching culinary schools and other information for the past several months..... and I've learned a lot! It helps to hear from others who've "been there".
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Welcome to the gang. There are some serious pastry chefs on board as well as some great novices. There is a lot of great insight to be had. Welcome!
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