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    Just discovered ChefTalk by accident today ... and already so glad I did! I'm contemplating making the leap from 5+ years of "casual catering" (mostly home-based and church-based, but lots of it, including large and small events of all sorts) to a full-time, professional catering career. Been inching toward it for some time now, and I feel it's time to make some definite commitments. Lots of decisions still to make, and lots of hoops to still jump through (licensing, permits, etc.), so I'm already appreciating the insight and advice available in these forums. The most logical way forward for me at this point would seem to be pursuing some sort of arrangement with my church to use their kitchen. (I know I need to determine if it's professionally/commercial certified, among other initial first steps...)

    Anyway, looking forward to continuing to glean advice and ideas from the ChefTalk community! Thanks for offering this outlet!! 
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    We're glad you found us, too! We appreciate additions to the mix of people and perspectives, as that enriches the community.

    As you've found the catering forum, I'll also encourage you to check out the cooking articles, reviews of cookbooks and equipment (that could come in very, very handy during your transition), photo galleries, etc. Of course, the connections and insights of the members are an invaluable part of Chef Talk. You'll find mentors, people to commiserate with, and people to lighten your load with advice. You'll also have some laughs along the way and some unexpected delights: recipes from cooks across the globe; ideas you didn't dream of; even meeting helpful people here who are in your vicinity but you didn't know it.

    Good luck with your endeavors! We hope you'll make the most of your involvement here, and that you'll share your experiences and your knowledge, too.