Hi, all!

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Though I've visited this forum a few times, this is my first post.

I am the food service manager of a small private school; I make the menus, come up with the recipes, cook lunch, serve the kids, and let my assistant do most of the cleaning up.

I've also done a bit of catering, specializing in spicy ethnic vegetarian fare. I am currently exploring gluten-free baking.

Looking forward to sharing in your wisdom and expertise.
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Welcome to Cheftalk.
We have all levels of abilities here, from those just starting out on their culinary journey to masterchefs - and all levels in between (I'm a keen amateur cook). We also have members from all around the globe, so spicy ethnic foods will go down a treat here. Certainly, here in the UK, curries are our second national dish!

I hope you will enjoy looking at some of the amazing photographs and read some of the wonderful articles here - then start to join in on any thread you find interesting, or even start your own.
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Hello Parma...I, too, had worked in a small private school as the head chef and director of food services. Where was your school? We were in Rhode Island. I really enjoyed it, as it was so different from the 15 years of catering I had done. Now I am in Iowa where my husband and I have purchased a small bistro that will be opening next month. Keep catering...register on some of the catering websites and make sure to have your cards available to give to interested people at your catering assignments...word of mouth is huge.
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Hi FatFanny's,

The school where I cook is in New Jersey. I'm not really looking to pick up any new catering work at the moment - I've got plenty enough to do with school. (I also play music professionally.)

Aren't those school vacations wonderful?????

Interestingly enough, I went to the University of Iowa, and still have some good friends there.
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