Hi All Future Chef here in SPFLD MA!

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Hi guys my name is Alex and I am from Spfld MA, but am Italian. So I want to be an Italian chef when I grow up. I am currently studing Culinary Arts at a vocational school, and then I will be going to a culinary school... mostly likely Johnson and Wales, or CIA, or the New England Culinary school. I am a diehard worker in the kitchen and I love to cook. My grandparents are from Silica Italy, so I have most of their recipes. I am good at baking as well. Besides cooking being my hobby and future career, I am interested in tropical fish keeping. I have over 3 tanks in my house. I love to cook with wine, and my absoulte favorite dish is Chicken Marsala and Veal Marsala! I also love chicken parm. I am always willing to share my italian recipes with anyone. Currently working in the back of a small restaraunt and loving it. Nice to meet you all.

-Chef Alex.
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Welcome to Cheftalk.

We have a couple of members who are living in Italy, two of whom are Italian, one a chef who also runs a cookery school.  If you have a look in the recipes section, you will find both of them.  Siduri is an Italian/American who has lived in Italy for a very long time - she's based in Rome.  Both of them have posted wonderful Italian recipes (from Italy, rather than Italian-American ones!) which you might find really interesting to seek out.  Our membership is from around the globe and therefore the topics are varied and make a learning experience for many of us!

Feel lfree to join in on any thread you find interesting, or post your own in the relevant fora.  There is a culinary student forum which you will find of interest. The wikis, blogs, articles, photographs and reviews on our site are all worth a look, too - they will be a source if information for any young cook! 
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Thanks for the warm welcome :)

I have viewed some of the recipes and love them!

My grabdparents have left me some recipes from Silica, true 100% italian recipes and I'd have to say they are btter then American's Italian recipes. But both are good.

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