hi all!- an aspiring chef



Well for me it started in 7th grade when we took home ec clases and for some reason the cooking just stuck with me. I'd "cook" at home all the time after that, very simple stuff, - after that I lived on my own for years, always had to cook my own meals, never anything fancy but enough to get by. Yrs passed, I got married to someone who does not cook at all so I took over. Now I'm a dad with 3 kids, I cook every night practically (more creative on weekends or when I have time). I'm a graphic designer, been with same company for 24 yrs, and all I really want to do is cook. So, with a "graphics dept consolidation" looming, it will give me a chance to go to cooking school in the near future and go for it. In the meantime, I learn, try, fail, and succeed but I love it.. that's my story glad to be here !

PS- I know professional cooking is NOT at all like food network and hell's kitchen, etc but I LOVE watching those shows cuz it fires me up to get better
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Welcome, Greg! I think you'll find this community helpful and fun to be part of.

What do you most enjoy, cooking or baking? Are there dishes or styles you tend to like most? Do your kids like to help out?

We hope you take the time to get a look at the cooking articles, wikis, photo gallery and the other many features here at ChefTalk. Good luck with your culinary endeavors.


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