Heyy- i'm new here :)

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by karen90, Jan 13, 2006.

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    hi everyone! i know that i've posted a few things in the catering section but- i figured i should introduce myself a little. ;)

    well i'm 15 years old, homeschooled, and out of Ct.... ok and to get to stuff everyones interested in.... :) I plan on going to Ct Culinary Institute when I'm 17.... After that well, i thought of catering, but all you guys who helped me out, i have other ideas. :) I looove to cook, in fact I have brownies done right now.... haha so be right back... haha ok, they look good. and actually, speaking of brownies- i'm not much of a baker.... Just more of a cook... in fact, i'm really like rachael ray in a lot of ways.... She can't bake... and she hates measuring, and "eye balls" most of her stuff. ;) and that's what i do. haha sometimes with baking too.... which isn't a good thing. ;)

    Of course I can't say much about this.... b/c I don't work in a resturaunt- yet.... but i like the crazy kitchen thing.... rushing to get meals done, etc... my mother is opposite of me in that case.... But i like being pressured to get meals done... and I always cook with my mom for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.... having 10 people in the family- things can get really crazy... but i just love that feeling, I guess I'm kind of weird in that way. :) so who knows, maybe i'll end up working in a resturaunt.

    On the other hand.... When I'm older and have a family, i don't want to have to come home at 10 at night, when my kids would already be in bed.... i want plenty of time for them, but also be able to do what i love... that's why i thought the catering thing would be good.... if i could do it at home.... so many ideas. :chef:

    anyway, i think i dragged this out a bit so, sawwy. :blush: but i am just so excited i found this site.... i go to it first thing i go on the computer now!!!! :) well bye!!!
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    Welcome Karen! There's a lot to learn and enjoy here. Be sure to check out the Culinary Student forum and also Plongeur's story.

    It sounds like you enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen for your family- in fact, it sounds exhilarating, which can be addictive.

    We hope you visit here often to learn and share.

    Good luck!