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    At home cook

    I'm a home cook who has always watched cooking on tv enjoyed dabbled in it and baking.  I recently started cooking for a couple.  He is  British and she is Czech.  Any help would be appreciated. I have started forum under cooking discussions - food and cooking.  Thanks so much everyone!
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    Cook At Home
    Hello Shyshy! I'd like to welcome you to our community. I'm a home cook as well and admire your initiative in taking on the cooking task for the family. It's difficult enough to cook daily for one's own; to anticipate what others will enjoy can be a big task. Now that you've found us, you'll have a huge contingent of home cooks and professionals from whom you can get ideas and also with whom you can bounce some around.


    The site has a good many discussion forums. Please be aware that according to our community guidelines, home cooks like you and I mustn't post in the professionals' forums. We're free to read all we like there, though. The general forums are for us to post in, and everyone posts there. Also, we have cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and more. We hope you'll enjoy looking around and know you'll pick up a lot of great ideas and techniques. The search tool will help you find things. If you find a discussion and want to participate, just be sure to check the date of the last post. Some of them may have ended years ago! If they're old, it's best to start a new thread. After all, we've been here over 14 years.

    Good luck in your new endeavor! I know you'll find the support you desire here.

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