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So my name is Cat and I am currently an English student studying to a be a teacher at Michigan State University. I have just recently discovered my burning passion for cooking, baking, grilling...I guess the preparation of food in general.

I am looking at going to culinary school after I have finished my undergrad degree. Just thought I would see what other current culinary students have to say and see if any of you can help lead me in the right direction food wise.

Looking forward to it all!
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Hello Cat and welcome to Chef Talk.

Ah, an English major.... as I was once. There are ways to use your knowledge and connnect it to all things culinary. We have members here who edit cookbooks write columns and blogs, and use their knowledge of literature, grammar and writing daily in their food-related work. I'm sure you'll pick up on that as you spend time here. The discussion forums are rich with information. You're welcome to read all forums, although the professionals' forums should be considered 'read only' for home cooks such as you and me.

We hope you'll visit often to learn and share.
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