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Was looking around for chef forums and saw this one. Been thinking alot about going to culinary school but having alot of thoughts. so hopeing i can get help on here with that so it makes my head more clear about going
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Welcome to Chef Talk. This is a great place with plenty of information (blogs, cooking articles, etc. ) and lots of great people to talk with, both non-professionals like you and me, and professionals aplenty.

I recommend using the search tool to look for earlier conversations on topics you're interested in. We have 10 years' worth of information here! You'll especially want to have a look in the Culinary Students' forum. Non-pros like you and I are welcome to read any threads we find here, but we should consider the professionals' forums to be "read only".

Dive in and enjoy! We hope you get the knowledge you're seeking here to make your decision.


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