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HI, im meg, and i am a freshman in highschool. im doing an I-search project, and my escential question is "whay is cooking considered an art form?' "should it be considered an art form?" What makes good cooking". so i was wondering if anyone could give me some in-put. Or mabe someone knows a chef who i could t\email or something. help would be extreemly apriciated. my e-mail is [email protected]. thanx!
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Hello Meg and welcome to Chef Talk. We are happy to welcome you here to our community of food-lovers and chefs.

Many students contact us asking how they can contact chefs. You will find many here! I recommend you try using the search button (located above) to try using our search engine to find your topics. You are next in a long line of students who are seeking answers to questions like yours.

Our members are likely to also point you to other sources of information. People learn best when they find their own answers. :D

If you like you can share your background in food with us here in the welcome forum. Then stop in the other forums to read, learn and share from our many members.


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