Hey Ya'll! Please help!!

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I opened a little bakery/meals to go place about a yr ago. I cook made from scratch meals everyday.

I recently got into catering events as well. We have chaffing dishes and I've catered groups up to 400 and as small as 10. I have been asked to cater a wedding in July in Alabama for 200 people.The bride is wanting her quote and I'm super confused.I don't wont to undershoot or overshoot.... The following is how I have it broken down...please tell me if my prices are accurate.

Marinated pork tenderloin ( my cost $350)  charging $1050.00

herb crusted chicken (my cost $150) charging $450

past salad (60) charging 180

loaded garlic mashed potatoes (70) 200

green beans w/sautéed onions and bacon (70) 200

rosemary butter yeast rolls (40) 120

herb and cheese biscuits (70) 200

20 gallons of sweet tea, 10 gallons of unsweet tea, and water flavored with lemons and limes

(55) $150

250 lbs of ice (32) $100

10 [email protected] $10/hour

We will set it all up in our chaffing dishes and burners and it will be buffet style. We will stand back and replenish as needed. We also have to "rough rinse" the dishes and put back in containers for the rental company to pick up. We will not be setting up or taking down the tables and chairs. I was thinking final quote===

FOOD $2700.00

SERVERS $1000.00


DOES ALL THIS SOUND ABOUT RIGHT? tHANKS SO MUCH YA"LL! I'm going crazy working on this!!
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