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Hi there, my name is Brian. I am new here...i am 20 years old and a culinary student in Pasadena, CA at the California school of Culinary Arts LCB program. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself.
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Welcome, Brian! Be sure to head on over to the culinary students' forum, and check out our archives. This is a great enhancement to your school experience.
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Hey again. Well, a little more about me...I am 20 years old, and i currently live in CA, originally from a small town in mid-michigan. I have always been interested in the arts, I grew up doing theatre, singing, dancing, cooking, writing...all kinds of stuff. When i graduated High School, i moved to CA to be in a performing group and did that for a year. Then i began school and was torn between Theatre, and culinary arts...then i decided to keep the theatre thing as a hobby and decided on Film, or culinary arts...i tried that for a while, and again decided to keep that as a hobby, i was goning to be a screenwriter, but when i discovered that i was only about 1/3 of the way through my first draft of a screenplay or two after 3 years...i decided i would probably starve i counted on that for income... ;)...then finally i decided culinary arts was the one thing that was constant with me, and the thing i could actually be succuessful at and enjoy myself at the same time, so i began looking into schools. I really wanted to get out of CA, but i found a great school out here. The California School of Culinary Arts, which is the largest culinary school in the western US. It's got brand new facilities, and is a fairly new school, but i was very impressed with it. They just began ( a few years ago ) their Le Cordon Bleu diploma program, which was another added plus. It's not a LCB school, but it's accredited by them, so all of our cirriculum is from there, as well as our policies i think...So i don't really know what the actual difference is, but whatever, it doesn't matter. ANYWAY...i just got done with finals for my first kitchen class (we began with a few weeks of academic classes) and i got an A- (2nd highest in the class!) , which was very exceiting, a lot of kids came out with C's, which was what i was expecting...But i still have quite a ways to go. The program itself is 15 months long (12 months at the school,and 3 months of externship). BUT anyway i need to start researching poultry... :)
i have a paper due on Tuesday, so i better get going...later
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Screen writers who end up with a good script and a good movie are few and far between. Cooks ALWAYS make people happy. Welcome to the industry that will never die!
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It's very nice to meet you, and to learn a little bit about you. I hope that you stick around here. There are a lot of people here to bounce ideas off of, and you will surely learn a lot here. Welcome!
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Hi Brian

Nice to meet you. This is a great forum to frequent if you need a clearer understanding of some cooking technique. These guys sure have improved my cooking. :D


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