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Hey everybody. I just signed up like...2 seconds ago. I really love to bake desserts and other sweet things and after taking a couple years break after graduating high school I finally decided to relocate from Anchorage, AK to West Palm Beach, FL. in one year to attend Florida Culinary Institute. So in the meantime while I'm saving all my pennies I thought I'd sign up here and read all the good stuff you guys have to say.
...and that's about it.
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Hi Nicole! Welcome to Chef Talk. I guess you'll be making one of the most drastic climate and scenery changes when you relocate.

What is leading you to a culinary career? Like many of us, our interest in food goes back to our childhoods. Please tell us about your love of food.

By the way, I'll be headed up your way in July for a vacation. I'm looking forward to some good seafood and mindblowing scenery. :bounce:

We're glad you found us!

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Yes I am looking forward to the year long warm weather very much! I've lived in Alaska all of my life except for a year in Hawaii and I am much more a warm weather person. Summers are good here but winter gets a tad depressing especially when it gets down to less than 6 hours of daylight in 24 hours.

I guess what brought me to the culinary track would be the ability to create. I love hands-on stuff and making art as well and for me baking allows me to do both. I wanted a job that I felt I would be able to enjoy for a long time and if I spent money on school it would have to be something I'm really interested in to keep my focus.

You should be in for some warm weather in July...and by warm I mean warm for us. Average temp. could be anywhere from 60-70. Though last year we did get lucky with some 80's and one day it actually made it up to 90 for a couple of hours! :) But it will be very, very beautiful. Lots of good hiking and sight seeing and LOTS of daylight. If there was anything specific you wanted to know about AK for your vacation feel free to PM me. :)
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I did a bike trip with Alaskan Bicycle Adventures a couple of years ago, and the food was one of the best parts....the only piece of Salmon that I have ever liked in my life. Pulled out of the Copper River that morning and put on the grill that night. Amazing!!!
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Welcome Nicole.
I too lived in Alaska as did my sisters (I still have one there) I also lived in Boynton Beach (WPB's neighbor) Chef Pantone at FCI is a very talented Chef and a very nice guy as well. You'll like it, and melt in the summers too. Nice seafood, but personally I still prefer Ak seafood. FYI in AK I was a Chef at the Corsair restaurant. I also opened the 72nd St. Deli at Mr. Prime Beef and was a founding partner in Glacial Reflections Catering now on 4th Ave. My sister owned Johannes Gems and Gifts in the 4th Ave. mall.
Anything sound familiar? :D
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