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Hi everybody! I am sort of new to the site but haven't posted or responded to threads till now, so I thought I should finally introduce myself. My name is Eric and I'm a line cook at a fine dining restaurant in Marin County CA (between san francisco and the Napa/Sonoma area). I graduated from California Culinary in 2001 (which I now disavow... totally different school than when I was there) and have worked in London and Oregon in adition to the bay area. I pretty much define myself by my job and spend a lot of time outside work reading cookbooks or books about food and hanging out with cook friends, which is why I think this venue is so cool. I'm an especially large proponent of the organic foods movoment, the small farmer, and farmers' markets (I go to 2 or 3 a week). I love doing everything possible from scratch. I've recently started making my own goat cheese and cured air dried meats. Paul Bertolli's "Cooking by Hand" is my current favorite cookbook. Anyway, hope you guys can answer my questions and maybe I can help you out too!


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Welcome to Cheftalk Marinboy!!!! You'll find a lot of great threads here to get involved in. I would love to hear more about your foreys into goat cheese making. Cheesemaking fascinates me but I have yet to play around with it.
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Just checking in with another Marinite. We are pretty deep into food at this household. Most recent mania is smoking meats. Blown away by the effects of fruitwood smoke on NZ lamb chops. If you are interested in connecting please reply. We just picked up a round of St. George cheese near Sebastopol (technically Santa Rosa). You have got to check it out. These guys are a complete step into Portugal. No English spoken there but they raise their own cows, milk and great cheese.

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