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    Afternoon, good morning, or just a hey out to you reading this. I am 6 weeks away from my last day in the kitchen with my classmates and teacher and I need to find an externship in order to graduate. I have looked all around--Applied to places here, in Colorado, where I was born and raised, and looked into places overseas. I might have a lead on a Whole Foods job that would count as my externship, buy I would much rather be a part of a nice, fancy resturaunt and be under a pastry chef. I need advice on how to talk to these people and find a great spot in my perfect job site. I prefer it to be in Colorado, because I do not have the funds at the moment to travel much of anywhere else, but if an opportunity is available in a different area that I get excited about just reading (which is most cases) then I'm sure I can find a way over there. Thanks for reading and please give me some advice ^.^