Hey there, from Canada eh!

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Hello everyone,

I chose the name easternrookie because im from eastern Canada (New Brunswick) and I am a rookie to this culinary thing. I am currently a prep cook at a 4 star hotel (Hilton). I really like the kitchen atmosphere and pride of cooking, so I have enrolled at the Culinary Arts school in a town nearby. That journey begins September 2011, so for now I will be learning as much as possible until that begins.

Other than that, im 19, I love to party and travel! Hopefully after I graduate I can see the world while learning new forms of culinary from all over the globe!
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Hi easternrookie! Welcome. Good luck with your education. This site can help with lots of background information; use the search tool to check out earlier discussions, find cooking articles, etc. We have members from all over the world- both professionals and avid home cooks- so immerse yourself in the community and soak it all in.

Good luck, and welcome!

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