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    Sooo heres my story. I promise you won't hear it again..I'm a culinary student in my last module, my externship- where we work for free to gain real world experience.Which means nothing to me because I've worked at various restaurants before going to school. I just attended to get certified. For the past 2 years I've worked with a chef whom is like a mother to me and is basically my mentor. I've worked up to becoming a sous chef, working under her and also making executive decisions for her successful catering business that fuses Classic Italian and Creole flare together. Now that illness and age has caught up to her she's planning to retire the catering gig and pursue a slower pace as a private chef. In turn handing down the catering business to me. My dilemma is that I want to carry on her name as my mentor, But I also want to establish my name as a young up-incoming chef wanting to dig into roots and share my passion for Latin food. So should I completely rename the business changing every aspect of it? Or keep the current name that's embedded under the chef I aspire to be?
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    Welcome to Chef Talk. I'll take a wild guess that you're Nick, right? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif  It looks like you have great mentor, but you're conflicted about how to cut the apron strings, so to speak. I couldn't advise you how to do that, here in the New Users Introductions forum. That's a better question to ask in the Culinary Students' forum, where others may be struggling with the same question. Also, culinary instructors hang out there and can advise you about that. You can probably also talk to your instructors at school about your situation. They may once have been in your shoes themselves. 

    A better question for this particular forum from me (I'm a home cook, after all!) might be, How did you develop your love of food and cooking? You've told us how your career began, but what was the seed from which that grew? For me, it was learning from my mom and grandmother in our kitchen at home, learning our family recipes and the recipes of my heritage (Eastern European Jewish cooking). How did you get started?

    We hope you explore the site and take in the cooking articles, photo galleries, product reviews and all the great stuff here. We look forward to your participation and hope you gain a lot from being part of the community.

    Good luck,