Hey I`m new

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Hello everybody,
How is everyone ? yes, yes I`m a new member , duh...lol
anyway someone recommended this site to me (thank you )
I hope to be a chef one day I need to find a good school first :) .
I`m always looking for friends who are interested in the culinary arts so let`s talk sometime.
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Welcome aboard! This is a great place to get some insight. Tell us a bit about your interests...
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Welcome, jett kat! Cruise on through the board and enjoy all of the forums. As Culinarian said, be sure to stop in at the Culinary Students' forum. If you're considering a life in food, that's a great place to start.

Don't overlook our archives, which store a lot of good conversations and information you will certainly find useful, including discussions about how to choose a culinary school, which knives are best, how to get into the business... you name it! You've obviously come to the right place.
Joined Oct 21, 2002
Thank ya`ll for your welcome :) it was very nice really.
so ya`ll can know some background information about me i`m a 26 southern mexican/american girl, i`m a christian and lol i love to cook really i love to feed my friends it is one of the things that i think i do well it`s what makes me happy, what`s better than having people sigh in contentment after polishing off one of your meals ( he he i`ve had one friend unbutton their pants so they could eat more, and another suck on the bones from the pork chops i made her). chef wise i`m not sure sometimes i think i`d like to be a pastry chef and other times i think i`d like to run my own resturant nothing fancy just a place that people could come feel welcome and have a really great meal i guess you could say i`m rather laid back in things and much to my shame a little hyper :bounce: . oh yeah my name is yvette (on my e-mail it say`s sue but that just for protection) well i hope to hear from you guys bye.
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